ICC22 (Winter)

The 4th version of Imperial Computing Conference (ICC)  took place in December 9th 2022 with the purpose to bring together academia and industry, providing an opportunity for new insights into research and industry applications. It was held in-person.

Thomas Barrett

Senior Research Scientist at InstaDeep

David Pfau

Staff Research Scientist at DeepMind and Visiting Professor at Imperial College London

Pauline Bolignano

Manager of the Automated Reasoning team at Prime Video

Fergus Cumming

Deputy Director at UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Lavanya Shukla

VP of Growth at Weights and Biases


Konstantinos Barmpas 

(PhD Student)

Alex Spies

(PhD Student)

Harry Coppock

(PhD Student)

Dominika Woszczyk

(PhD Student)

Miriam Fischer

(PhD Student)

Frederik Kelbel

(PhD Student)

Mary Kenneth

(PhD Student)

Dalal Alrajeh

(Academic Staff)

Amani El-Kholy

(Academic Staff)

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